Khyentse Vision Project teams consist of scholars, experts and Dharma practitioners who are dedicated to publishing high-quality translations of the vast treasury of Khyentse Wangpo’s collected writings.  

External Project Consultants advise the project on matters ranging from translation methodology and project strategy to technical development. Many of our consultants are also participating as guest experts in our Translator Training Program.

The In-House Team is composed of an editorial team, an in-house translation team, an operations team, and a technology and publications team.

The External Translators are translators who are translating texts for the Khyentse Vision Project, some of whom also work for various other projects, where they have already produced Khyentse Wangpo translations. We will republish their translations in our reading room, and we plan to collaborate with them on the cross-publication of material.

Project Consultants

In-House Team & Operations

Editorial Team
Translation Team
Operations Team
Technical Team

External Translators