Gonzalo Perilhou

Lead Developer & Architect
Gonzalo is the main architect and lead developer of the back-end of our reading room and is overseeing the development of our translation tools. As a Tibetan translator himself, and one of our Translator Training Program trainees, he brings to his role a special interest in designing tools as a resource for Tibetan translators and researchers. 

Gonzalo has over fifteen years experience in the computer and technology industry. He started to study and practice Buddhism in 2005 while studying Computer Science in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2009 Gonzalo moved to India, and then to Nepal where he lived for ten years studying and practicing Buddhism. After finishing his BA and MA in Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Gonzalo studied for a year in the monastic university at Sangye Yeshe Shedra. He then founded two start-up companies in Argentina and worked for different Dharma organizations in the area of digital marketing and software development. He has published translations of Tibetan texts into English and Spanish and is now participating in Khyentse Vision Project’s translator training program. 

As a leading member of Khyentse Vision Project’s Technology & Publications team, Gonzalo will be bringing together his skills in software development and Tibetan language to contribute to the development of our online reading room. He is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.