Verse to Music session 4


KVP Verse to Music Session #4 – July 5th & 6th
“In Praise of Vajra Sarasvatī”


Our fourth Verse to Music session centred around a discussion on life, dharma, art & poetry, with special guest Gesar Mukpo. Gesar is a documentary and music video director and producer. The son of the great Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and his British wife Diana, Gesar was recognized as the reincarnation of Jamgön Kongtrul of Shechen at the age of three. He wrote and directed the 2009 documentary film “Tulku,” and is currently working on a documentary called “Verses in Exile” that explores the world of Tibetan refugee hip-hop artists.
Gesar talked about his project with young Tibetan refugee musicians and their passion for creating music to express their cultural identity. We heard excerpts of songs by K. Kush, Sayn Solo, Namgyal Nagmi and G. Tashi.

Also participating in the event were five other contributing musicians and two artists from all over the world. Their compositions were based on a poem by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo called “In Praise of Vajra Sarasvatī,” a song to the goddess muse of music, art and insight. Excerpts were played from their music video creations during the session. The contributing musicians included Harry Einhorn, Cy Gorman, Alison Wells, Fabio Negroni, Lara Nova and Christian Bernert. We were also joined by Kirsten and Kunga from Bardo Cafe.

You can learn more about our Verse to Music initiative and watch past music video creations here.

And you can watch the live session here: