Casey Kemp

Editorial Director
Casey is our Editorial Director, and leads the project on editorial strategy and policy. She also manages the editorial team training, workload, and output, and provides quality control for all our publications.  She brings to her role extensive experience in editing translations of Buddhist texts, as well as knowledge of Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Buddhist philosophy. 

Casey received a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and a Master’s of Philosophy in Tibetan Studies from Oxford University. She has studied and practiced Buddhism for more than fifteen years. Casey has edited and translated several 84000 sūtras as part of the Buddhavacana and Ratnashri translation teams. She is an editor for Shambhala Publications and Snow Lion, and is currently completing her PhD dissertation through the University of Vienna, on the notion of luminosity in the Mahāmudrā tradition.

Casey currently lives in Leiden, Netherlands. In her free time she enjoys taking walks with her husband and dog along the canals.