Dominic Latham

Project Consultant
Dominic Latham has more than 25 years’ experience in building technical solutions for organizations. As technical lead for 84000, he designed and built many of the features of their reading room. As an advisor to the Khyentse Vision Project on the development of our website backend and reading room, Dominic brings a comprehensive understanding of the technical requirements for translation projects.

Dominic grew up in the beautiful countryside of Warwickshire in the UK. His father was a green grocer and his mother a florist who battled with a chronic lung disease. Together, these are some of the conditions that led to Dominic’s early appreciation of family, order, beauty, and hard work.

After finishing school, Dominic moved to London where he gained degrees in Fine Art, Cultural Studies, and Digital Media, and began working as a programmer and software designer. He co-founded a company that pioneered the use of the internet to make online bookings, which grew to become a leading service provider. This experience gave him the opportunity to work closely with a large and diverse group of talented people.

As technical lead for 84000, Dominic particularly likes to engage with readers, editors, and translators and then develop elegant tools to suit their respective needs. He still likes to draw, mostly as a way to practice seeing things as they are—an ambition closely linked to his Buddhism. Dominic lives in Berlin with his German wife and their three children.