Élie Roux

Project Consultant
Élie has worked for the Buddhist Digital Resource Center since 2017, designing its software and data architecture, and managing partnerships with academic and traditional institutions and collections. He is advising on our LOD and TEI infrastructure, and is helping the project with his automated phonetics rendering program.

Élie specializes in digital humanities—Linked Open Data, text representation, and natural language processing for Tibetan—and has a passion for promoting cultural preservation through creating open-source software. Since obtaining a master’s degree in computer science from IMT Atlantique Bretagne in France, he has worked in various fields, including web development, typography, and project management.

Élie has created Gregorian chant engraving software that is now used by major publishing companies, encouraging the creation of a collaborative score repository, and has developed tools for the etymological hyphenation of liturgical Latin. He has also developed free software for a Tibetan astronomical calendar, and Tibetan linguistic software, such as a Tibetan spell checker, Tibetan analysis, a Tibetan verb checker, and Unicode publication of parts of the Dunhuang corpus.