Khenpo Choying Dorjee

Project Consultant
Khenpo Choying Dorjee is a renowned Tibetan Buddhist scholar and a fresh, modern thinker.  He brings to the project his rich knowledge and deep understanding of Buddhism, in particular a dynamic familiarity with the writings of Khyentse Wangpo. Khenpo is our key liaison with Dzongsar Monastery in Derge, and is helping to guide the project and give advice, especially on matters related to the source texts.

Khenpo was a devoted student of the late Khen Rinpoche Kunga Wangchuk. Khenpo joined the Dzongsar Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö  Institute (DKCLI) in 1992, receiving his khenpo title in 2002 and his khenpo degree (the monastic education equivalent of a PhD in Buddhism) in 2004. He then spent many years in various teaching and leadership roles at DKCLI, and in 2010 he was appointed as a teacher to Sakya Dungsay Avikrita Rinpoche. 

In 2011, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche sent Khenpo as a visiting scholar to the University of California at Berkeley. Rinpoche also appointed him as the head principal of DCKLI for the 2013–2016 term. Since then, Khenpo has been directed by Khyentse Rinpoche to give teachings and to lead practices in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. He is known for his fresh and engaging way of presenting Buddhist philosophy, inspiring the many students who attend his teachings worldwide. Since 2020, Khenpo has served on the executive committee of 84000, and he is also on the advisory board of the Buddhist Digital Resource Center.