Martina Cotter

Copyeditor & Marketing Assistant
Martina is one of our copyeditors and is also assisting the Project Director with communications and marketing tasks. She has a background in marketing​,​ and holds a Bachelor of Business studies, and a Master in Marketing Management.

Martina has been practicing Buddhism since 2005. She began her studies in Buddhist philosophy in Nepal in 2008, eventually moving to Boudhanath in 2013, to study​ ​​there ​full-time. Martina received an MA in Buddhist studies from Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Kathmandu, and remained living in Boudhanath until 2019.  She also lived in Dharamsala, India, studying colloquial Tibetan for six months and spending time visiting the Deerpark Institute in Bir. After finishing her MA in Buddhist Studies, Martina studied for ​one year in the monastic university at Sangye Yeshe Shedra.

Martina is from Ireland and currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In her free time, she loves getting out into nature. Martina feels blessed to work in a team environment that resonates with her own spiritual outlook and values.