Ngawang Trinley

Project Consultant
Ngawang Trinley is the founder and director of a number of online immersive Tibetan learning initiatives that employ the latest pedagogical methods, and he has contributed to the development of Tibetan language computer-assisted translation tools. He is advising the project on our Translator Training Program syllabus and  on our Translation Memory development.

Ngawang Trinley was born on a mountain farm in Provence, France. He was enrolled in a Buddhist school as a young child. When he was sixteen, he traveled to India to study Tibetan language, philosophy, medicine, and Kālacakra cosmology and astronomy. After eight years of study, he was placed in charge of the library at the College of Buddhist Sciences in Sherabling, where he also taught Tibetan language to Tibetan monastics and lectured (in Tibetan) on cosmology and astronomy.

Ngawang Trinley co-founded Esukhia in 2009; he is the director of the branch in India and serves on the Board of Directors. He has also proofread and edited the digital edition of the Derge Kangyur for 84000. Ngawang works for Buddhist Digital Resource Center as the digitization project manager, where he is in charge of digitizing texts (scans and etexts) and creating and maintaining relationships with users and partners. He is the creator of translation tools, including a real-time collaborative online environment for translation work, proofreading software, and a Tibetan language spell-checker. Ngawang’s online Tibetan courses, designed to be thoroughly immersive and based on international standards of translation competencies, are used by the Kumarajiva Project to train their translators.