Sonam Jamtsho

Himalayan Scholar

Sonam is a Bhutanese Ph.D. student at the University of Hamburg  and has a wealth of knowledge on Buddhist philosophy and epistemology. Sonam is our in-house Himalayan scholar and will be providing guidance on our source texts, difficult translation points and Buddhist philosophy.

After completing higher secondary school in Bhutan, Sonam began to study the Tibetan language, both classical and colloquial, along with the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism, in Nepal. In 2009, he enrolled at Dzongsar Shedra, where he spent the next nine years completing the traditional shedra curriculum.

Since 2018, Sonam has been studying at the University of Hamburg, in the Indology and Tibetology department, and completed his MA thesis in early 2020 on the fifteenth-century Sakya scholar, Gorampa. Sonam is currently undertaking his doctoral dissertation in Tibetan Buddhist epistemology, which will include a translation of the famous tshad ma rigs gter.

Throughout the past seven years, Sonam has served as oral interpreter, from English to Tibetan and from Tibetan to English, for a variety of lamas, Khenpos, scholars, consultants, and teaching experts. He also teaches some of the shedra core curricula in various Dharma centers in Germany and for the Milinda program.

Sonam currently lives in Hamburg, and in his spare time enjoys reading and going on pilgrimages.